Traditional Wooden Yew Bows for Sale. Oak Ridge Ash Flatbow 50lb }; The sq. }; dt :"Buck Trail Elite Orel Flatbow",du:"", The Blackfoot is a powerful american flatbow with. var product_data = { Stock or custom options available. ct: collections, ct: collections, (function(et){ ct :collections,pr:54167/100,stk:0, var o={}, empi=138132652050, dt :"Ragim Red Hawk American Flatbow",du:"", This Reflex/Deflex bow is a true hunting flatbow, built up of several layers of Bamboo and Camouflage veneers between clear glass with a Stabil core if requested . empi:empi,epi:1342254088210, dt:"Oak Ridge Ash Flatbow 50lb", stk: 1, empi:empi,epi:27638150281, du:"", (£290.33 ex.VAT). variants: [{ "RH 40lb" : 1342297145362}] piu = "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-white-feather-petrel-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548348346"; du:"", piu = "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-flatbow-fred-bear-patriot-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548396885"; dt:"Touchwood Fenix American Flatbow", du:"", Ghost Dancer Osage Flatbow Like the Medicine Man, The Ghost Dancer is an Osage flatbow, but under the rawhide backing is a power-layer of sinew. }); variants: [{ "RH 20lb" : 1342083465234}] Like a football is not a prolate spheroid – it is a sphere! iu : piu ,variants:[{ "Default Title" : 1338531151890 }] (£208.33 ex.VAT). I have been keeping my eyes peeled looking for one of these. }; From shop turbansfortots. du:"", $39.95 $49.95 Hickory and Bamboo Bow Kit! SwymProductVariants[1342297210898] = { SwymProductVariants[1338445824018] = { LIMITED EDITION- Autumn Sale Set: (2 items) Dusty Blue Blooms flatbow & Terracotta Textured top knot turbansfortots. (function(et){ You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. (function(et){ ct: collections, dt :"Rebel Bamboo Poplar custom flatbow by Fairbow",du:"", ft. single-family home is a bed, bath property. SwymWatchProducts["touchwood-fenix-american-flatbow"] = SwymWatchProducts[138852597778] = o; SwymProductVariants[31989455618123] = { variants: [{ "Default Title" : 46567025234}] (£100.00 ex.VAT), Latest Offers and Events Newsletter Signup, Company Number: 7622246 VAT No: 113152663, Bickerstaffe flatbow Ash, Purpleheart, Lemonwood Custom, Rebel Bamboo Poplar custom flatbow by Fairbow. })(); Flatbow Bearpaw Slick Stick dt:"Flatbow Fred Bear Au Sable", }; variants: [{ "LH 45lb" : 1338445955090}] ct: collections, iu : piu ,variants:[{ "Default Title" : 46567025234 }] piu = "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-touchwood-fenix-american-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548355309"; A modern longbow may be the best way to describe this type of bow. SwymViewProducts["touchwood-fenix-american-flatbow"] = SwymViewProducts[138852597778] = product_data; }; (function(et){ SwymViewProducts["flatbow-fred-bear-au-sable"] = SwymViewProducts[138800529426] = product_data; piu = "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-touchwood-buzzard-american-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548355368"; ct: collections, du:"", They tend to have a rectangular cross section. Great! Submitted: 22-Mar-12: AD OWNER ONLY: RETURN TO CLASSIFIEDS: Make: Robertson: Price: $250.00: Category: FLATBOW: Condition: EXCELLENT HAND: RH Contact Seller: indian river artwork: Detailed Description and Photos: 62" Robertson Buffalo Bow for sale. }; SwymViewProducts["falco-myth-custom"] = SwymViewProducts[10877372754] = product_data; ct :collections,pr:48750/100,stk:20, SwymProductVariants[1342297145362] = { dt:"Ragim Cobra American Flatbow", Archery Longbows. dt:"Ragim Whitetail American Flatbow", Today, the American Flatbow and the English Longbow is used in various archery fields with the American Flatbow gaining popularity in ground-based field archery, and the English Longbow being used for horseback archery. }; Filter your search results with the tool to the right of the listings. This way of tillering eliminates most of the handshock that comes with English longbows and takes away most of the stacking at longer drawlengths. Flatbows also have a small cut-away to shoot the arrow from the shelf, … ct :collections,pr:11250/100,stk:-3, SwymWatchProducts[1338445791250] = o[1338445791250] = {"id": 1338445791250, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 40lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; Shoot the best in primitive bows with an one-piece Longbow from Lancaster Archery Supply. Get the best deals on Archery Bows when you shop the largest online selection at du:"", This way of tillering eliminates most of the handshock that comes with English longbows and takes away most of the stacking at longer drawlengths. (£487.50 ex.VAT). piu = "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-bickerstaffe-flatbow-ash-purpleheart-lemonwood-custom-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548423048"; })(); £250.00 du:"", stk: 0, dt:"Ragim Red Hawk American Flatbow", variants: [{ "LH 20lb" : 1342083530770}] if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; stk: -1, If you are looking for a traditional bow shot off the shelf we have lots of different flat bows for sale uk. (function(et){ Hundreds of dealers, thousands of flatbed bodies and pickup flatbed bodies for sale with competitive pricing. empi:empi,epi:46563300306, (function(et){ (function(et){ Drawweight Quantity. Add to Cart In your cart . - Shelf and plate rest not incl. empi:empi, epi:1338544816146, du:"", }); SwymWatchProducts[27635464969] = o[27635464969] = {"id": 27635464969, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": -36,"title": "Default", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; The most popular color? var product_data = { dt:"Bickerstaffe flatbow Ash, Purpleheart, Lemonwood Custom", The Camouflage edition of the Kudu flatbow was initially inspired by international bow hunter Brian Gilgeous. ct: collections, ct :collections,pr:29033/100,stk:-36, }); Sale: $750.00: SKY TAKEDOWN 40# @ 27" LENGTH 60" LONGBOW: SKY ARCHERY: RH EXCT 11-Jan-21 [ NEXT 40 ADS ] Technical Support FAQ: Guest Account - If you wish to register please click here English Longbows, either laminated or selfbows always tillered to come round compass and bend in every bit of the wood used. For the riser they have used a great combination of dark Actionwood and Bubinga. pr: 26667/100, var product_data = { Bubinga riser, red elm limbs, ivory tip overlays. dt:"Ragim Whitetail American Flatbow", empi:empi,epi:1342280269842, ct :collections,pr:26667/100,stk:-1, empi:empi,epi:1342280302610, variants: [{ "RH 50lb" : 1342297210898}] Grayvn Traditional Archery offers longbows, recurves, horsebows, native american bows, bow building supplies, traditional arrows, bowhunting equipment, primitive … SwymProductVariants[1342254088210] = { Arrow shelfs carved out of the handle and/or an additional arrow rest is the norm. SwymProductVariants[1342262280210] = { SwymWatchProducts[1338544816146] = o[1338544816146] = {"id": 1338544816146, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": -3,"title": "Default Title", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; Ending Saturday at 8:26PM GMT 1d 22h. pr: 26667/100, ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ variants: [{ "LH 25lb" : 1338445922322}] }; Now £427.20 Was £854.40. }); variants: [{ "RH 40lb" : 1338445791250}] if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; }; The most common flatbow material is metal. if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; Regular price $12 NZD View. empi:empi,epi:1341544955922, View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Learn more. Typically Longbows are measured at 28 inch drawl Buck Trail Elite Orel Flatbow dt:"Ragim Red Hawk American Flatbow", empi:empi,epi:1338445955090, pr: 7400/100, ct :collections,pr:52083/100,stk:-1, stk: -3, ct: collections, variants: [{ "RH 40lb" : 1341879091218}] var product_data = { Located in Delivered anywhere in UK dt:"White Feather Shearwater flatbow", du:"", SwymWatchProducts[1341879091218] = o[1341879091218] = {"id": 1341879091218, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 40lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; variants: [{ "LH 50lb" : 1338445987858}] SwymProductVariants[1342001545234] = { ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ SwymWatchProducts[1342280302610] = o[1342280302610] = {"id": 1342280302610, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": -1,"title": "RH 35lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-flatbow-fred-bear-au-sable-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548397185" , Traditional Archery Equipment for Sale The finest longbows handcrafted from yew wood! ct: collections, stk: 3, Ragim Whitetail American Flatbow Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. SwymProductVariants[1338434912274] = { ct :collections,pr:12500/100,stk:0, var product_data = { The unique grip design ensures that natural on-target point ability. du:"", iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-ragim-cobra-american-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548364669" , Today, archers will be able to find a wide array of the flatbow for sale, and the classic flatbow is usually the self-bow made from a single, solid piece of wood. variants: [{ "RH 40lb" : 1342262247442}] Built in 60″, 62″ and 64″ lengths. var o={}, empi=138872848402, Flatbow for Sale Today, archers will be able to find a wide array of the flatbow for sale, and the classic flatbow is usually the self-bow made from a single, solid piece of wood. SwymProductVariants[1342297112594] = { ct: collections, var product_data = { Wide range of laminated bows from the Traditional Bows - Flagella Dei archery workshop: horse archery bows, flatbows, scythians, hunting bows, recurves, reflex bows variants: [{ "Default Title" : 1338544816146}] pr: 52083/100, We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. SwymProductVariants[1338544816146] = { iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-ragim-whitetail-american-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548364075" , This bow is rectangular in cross section, with a stiff handle. Sale! dt:"Touchwood Fenix American Flatbow", variants: [{ "RH 55lb" : 1338445889554}] }); iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-ragim-cobra-american-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548364669" , ct: collections, var collections = "Bows"; SwymWatchProducts[1338445987858] = o[1338445987858] = {"id": 1338445987858, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "LH 50lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; We believe in a bow building process which allows us to listen to the wood. variants: [{ "RH 50lb" : 1341879123986}] 5 out of 5 stars (22,655) 22,655 … ct :collections,pr:31667/100,stk:-15, SwymProductVariants[46567025234] = { Kit comes with tillering string and leather for handle and lacing. SwymWatchProducts[1342297079826] = o[1342297079826] = {"id": 1342297079826, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": -1,"title": "RH 30lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; Touchwood Buzzard American Flatbow }; (function(et){ ct: collections, ct: collections, du:"", stk: -36, empi:empi, epi:1342280269842, }); dt :"Bickerstaffe flatbow Ash, Purpleheart, Lemonwood Custom",du:"", 5 out of 5 stars (22,655) 22,655 … stk: 0, SwymProductVariants[1338445856786] = { This bow is rectangular in cross section, with a stiff handle. stk: -2, var product_data = { SwymProductVariants[1338445955090] = { Did you scroll all this way to get facts about flatbow? }; pr: 20833/100, pr: 31667/100, var o={}, empi=102789578770, dt:"Flatbow Fred Bear Au Sable", dt:"Touchwood Buzzard American Flatbow", iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-ragim-cobra-american-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548364669" , }; empi:empi,epi:1342001578002, iu : "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-flatbow-fred-bear-au-sable-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548397185" ,variants:[{ "RH 35lb" : 1341873061906 }] > Falco Flatbow for sale; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. pr: 7400/100, var product_data = { (function(et){ SwymViewProducts["ragim-cobra-american-flatbow"] = SwymViewProducts[138865344530] = product_data; pr: 20833/100, Top traditional archers recognize Bodnik Bows as the best performing, most natural pointing, smooth, and super accurate bows they have ever shot! })(); £585.00 ct: collections, ct: collections, variants: [{ "Default Title" : 1338531151890}] variants: [{ "RH 45lb" : 1342297178130}] SwymProductVariants[1342297079826] = { Quivers Detachable Bow ... Bushman 63" Flatbow. var o={}, empi=138865344530, pr: 21500/100, }; dt:"Ragim Cobra American Flatbow", iu : piu ,variants:[{ "Default Title" : 46563300306 }] 65@28 Right handed. Between my aging and my cholesterol pills my muscle strength is going down the drain real fast. dt:"Ragim Red Hawk American Flatbow", ct: collections, (£91.67 ex.VAT). ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ var o={}, empi=138156769298, SwymProductVariants[1342001578002] = { SwymWatchProducts[28052803913] = o[28052803913] = {"id": 28052803913, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 11,"title": "Default Title", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; SwymProductVariants[1338445922322] = { stk: 0, SwymWatchProducts[1342254088210] = o[1342254088210] = {"id": 1342254088210, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 30lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; }; }; }; pr: 20833/100, SwymViewProducts["flatbow-fred-bear-patriot"] = SwymViewProducts[138755342354] = product_data; It is more common to see recurve tips in flatbows. SwymWatchProducts[1342280368146] = o[1342280368146] = {"id": 1342280368146, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 45lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; This gives the bow stability with a smooth draw, yet the combination also produces a fast shooting bow with a great power stroke. empi:empi, epi:1341544955922, SwymProductVariants[1342280368146] = { var collections = "Bows"; Traditional Archery Equipment for Sale The finest longbows handcrafted from yew wood! ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ })(); £348.40 Flatbow for Sale. empi:empi, epi:1338434912274, stk: 0, Add to cart The easy stave for the guys who would like to do just the sanding and finish work. iu: piu , du:"", }; The solid hickory bow is one tough hunting partner that can take the punishment of the outdoors. SwymProductVariants[1342083432466] = { dt :"White Feather Petrel flatbow",du:"", empi:empi,epi:1342083432466, du:"", ct :collections,pr:10000/100,stk:0, empi:empi,epi:1342297145362, You guys get first crack at them before I go public. }); }; du:"", 16129 Flatbow Ln , Ocqueoc, MI 49759-8601 is currently not for sale. du:"", dt :"Flatbow Fred Bear Patriot",du:"", ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ Ragim Red Hawk American Flatbow variants: [{ "LH 15lb" : 31989455618123}] SwymWatchProducts[31989455618123] = o[31989455618123] = {"id": 31989455618123, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 1,"title": "LH 15lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; $214.99. pr: 20833/100, SwymWatchProducts[1342083530770] = o[1342083530770] = {"id": 1342083530770, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 1,"title": "LH 20lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; var collections = "Bows"; I am going to unload 2 old Elburg bows that are too heavy for me. Well you're in luck, because here they come. SwymWatchProducts["white-feather-shearwater-flatbow"] = SwymWatchProducts[138163978258] = o; var o={}, empi=138867146770, }; (£541.67 ex.VAT). variants: [{ "RH 30lb" : 1342297079826}] iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-flatbow-fred-bear-au-sable-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548397185" , iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-buck-trail-elite-orel-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548417164" , (just for an occasional change you understand). dt:"Buck Trail Elite Orel Flatbow", Sold Out View. pr: 26667/100, SwymProductVariants[28052803913] = { }); ct: collections, empi:empi,epi:1341879123986, if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; stk: -1, SwymWatchProducts["buck-trail-elite-orel-flatbow"] = SwymWatchProducts[138132652050] = o; iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-flatbow-fred-bear-au-sable-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548397185" , From shop turbansfortots. empi:empi, epi:28052803913, Find new & used flatbed bodies for sale in Fastline's large database. The “Yellowstone Renegade” Flatbow reminds one of the archery heritage of the Native Americans. SwymProductVariants[46563300306] = { is designed to lay out all the main steps I undertook to make this bow and if you have reasonable woodworking skills then it will aid you in building a bow for yourself. ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ ct: collections, ct: collections, iu : piu ,variants:[{ "Default" : 995731308562 }] iu : "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-buck-trail-elite-orel-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548417164" ,variants:[{ "RH 30lb" : 1338434912274 }] SwymWatchProducts[27638150281] = o[27638150281] = {"id": 27638150281, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 20,"title": "Default", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; SwymWatchProducts[1338445955090] = o[1338445955090] = {"id": 1338445955090, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "LH 45lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; dt:"Ragim Cobra American Flatbow", Note! ct: collections, ct: collections, empi:empi,epi:1338531151890, variants: [{ "RH 50lb" : 1342262312978}] Mongol horsebow: 39lb draw weight. }; Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. (£358.12 ex.VAT). empi:empi,epi:1338445856786, All of our longbows are fully functional and are built for target practice, horseback archery, and bowhunting. Sold See item details. Today, the American Flatbow and the English Longbow is used in various archery fields with the American Flatbow gaining popularity in ground-based field archery, and the English Longbow being used for horseback archery. pr: 21500/100, £119.00. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ pr: 9167/100, FLATBOW FOR SALE: FLATBOW: ROBERTSON: RH EXCT 22-Mar-12: Sale: $350.00: COYOTE FLATBOW: FLATBOW: THUNDER MOUNTAIN: RH EXCT 30-Jan-12: Sale: $300.00: SEMINOLE CHIEF TAKEDOWN,59" 42@28" FLATBOW: BROWN RECLUSE SEMINOLE CHIEF: RH EXCT 24-Nov-11 : Technical Support FAQ: Guest Account - If you wish to register please click here }); The carefully crafted, highly elegant and simpler range of archery equipment. pr: 54167/100, var o={}, empi=138820550674, $20.00 Upgrades $20.00 Add to cart More. empi:empi, epi:1342254088210, if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; White Feather Petrel flatbow SwymWatchProducts["flatbow-fred-bear-patriot"] = SwymWatchProducts[138755342354] = o; If you think your skills are a bit rusty then I … pr: 52083/100, }; ct: collections, stk: 0, Today, longbows are as popular as ever and are the ideal bow to perfect your skill, aim and accuracy. variants: [{ "Default" : 995731308562}] pr: 48750/100, SwymProductVariants[1342262214674] = { ct: collections, SwymWatchProducts[1341873061906] = o[1341873061906] = {"id": 1341873061906, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": -1,"title": "RH 35lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; iu : piu ,variants:[{ "Default" : 27635464969 }] stk: -1, }; Price: £70 — £400 A flatbow (as the name suggests) is a bow which is flat and has relatively wide limbs. The sq. du:"", variants: [{ "RH 45lb" : 1342262280210}] Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. du:"", SwymWatchProducts[1342001578002] = o[1342001578002] = {"id": 1342001578002, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 50lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; stk: 0, var collections = "Bows"; }; variants: [{ "Default Title" : 46563300306}] This home was built in and last sold on for. 16129 Flatbow Ln, Ocqueoc, MI 49759. stk: 0, du:"", }; piu = "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-slick-stick-flatbow-custom-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548367251"; dt:"Ragim Whitetail American Flatbow", big elm flatbow 74#/28″ (No. Great Plains Model A 62" Flatbow - Right Handed - 60# - Cazador/Bamboo. })(); £429.74 Out of stock. SwymProductVariants[1338445987858] = { We are the home of American flatbow uk with classic American long bows in a D shape Howard Hill style or more modern hybrid American flat bow with carbon materials, fused with exotic woods it's all traditional archery. du:"", }; SwymProductVariants[1342280269842] = { Ghost - Colour Flatbow 66" Available £ 225.79 £ 180.63. var product_data = { empi:empi, epi:1341873061906, (function(et){ Due to the sinew backing, they generally don’t settle-in as much as the Medicine SwymProductVariants[1342297178130] = { Flatbow & Ktunaxa(Ktunaxa)Indians, Western . It is finished in a darker color designed for hunting. if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; du:"", pr: 22000/100, dt:"Buck Trail Elite Orel Flatbow", stk: 0, if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; piu = "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-flatbow-fred-bear-au-sable-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548397185"; }; empi:empi, epi:1342297079826, ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ SwymWatchProducts[1342297210898] = o[1342297210898] = {"id": 1342297210898, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 50lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; })(); £120.00 However, there are also composite and laminated flatbows available which were created during the … SwymWatchProducts[1342297112594] = o[1342297112594] = {"id": 1342297112594, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 35lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; stk: -15, ct: collections, var collections = "Bows"; SwymViewProducts["oak-ridge-ash-flatbow-50lb"] = SwymViewProducts[10877489682] = product_data; stk: 0, }; SwymWatchProducts[1342280269842] = o[1342280269842] = {"id": 1342280269842, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 30lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; }); iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-buck-trail-elite-orel-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548417164" , North American style bow (though there are references to these bows in Europe). We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected). - String: Dacron (not incl.) }; if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; We always have stock of solid pacific yew longbows and flatbows for sale or please contact us for a custom traditional selfbow conversation! Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. var product_data = { 16122 Flatbow Ln , Ocqueoc, MI 49759-8601 is currently not for sale. ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; stk: 0, Bubinga riser, red elm limbs, ivory tip overlays. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. dt:"Ragim Cobra American Flatbow", }; du:"", An American flatbow with an unbeatable price coupled with superb performance! empi:empi,epi:1338544816146, Archery Bows. iu: "\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/1530\/4477\/products\/bows-ragim-red-hawk-american-flatbow-1_620x620.jpg?v=1548364314" , SwymWatchProducts[46567025234] = o[46567025234] = {"id": 46567025234, "available": false,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "Default Title", "inventory_policy": "deny"}; pr: 26667/100, SwymViewProducts["white-feather-petrel-flatbow"] = SwymViewProducts[138156769298] = product_data; SwymWatchProducts[1341544955922] = o[1341544955922] = {"id": 1341544955922, "available": true,"inventory_management": null,"inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "RH 50lb", "inventory_policy": "deny"};