Cost-over $300. It took all my strength to try to turn the wheel to try to get out of the turn and into on coming traffic. 1. Car problem(s) with the 2015 FORD FIESTA. Additionally, the 2011-2013 Explorer was recalled because EPAS electrical connection failures. The car has major issues accelerating and has almost gotten us in many accidents. Explore Our Forums. The vehicle was not repaired. May 2014: Over 900,000 2008-2011 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs were recalled because of failures with the torque sensor inside the EPAS. I have a 2015 Fiesta that has 811 miles on it. This database includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle … Steering fault message displays on dash screen. I also have experience with the electronic power steering … See The most recently reported issues are listed below. We have taken the car to the dealer for the traction control light issue 4 times now. I have had the car in my garage, and hire someone about every six month to come and service this car. ford fiesta - powersteering - veloster : but how often do these things go wrong,,i have not heard of any major problems with fiat or nissan power steering,,yes i know somebody will come back … Well, unfortunately the torque sensor is part of the steering column assembly and is not serviceable separately. In addition, a scrapping type noise was present coming from the steering wheel while operating the vehicle. FBN’s Liz MacDonald with more.Watch Liz Macdonald talk about Auto on Opening Bell. No dash lights, no chimes, just a sudden loss of steering assist. Maybe you've experienced this problem. The lever for the engage/disengage for the tilt telescopic wheel is very hard for me to engage I'm 76 & it takes a lot of hand strength to move it up & down. The Center for Auto Safety (CAS) is a pro-consumer organization that researches auto safety issues & often compels the US government to do the right thing through lobbying & lawsuits. There are perfectly reasonable arguments for making the switch to electronically-controlled steering. at that time we did not have any idea that the Fiesta had any problems. Transmjtions feels slugish one day normal next revs up at times more than normal makeing vehilce speed up when … The power steering in your Ford truck uses hydraulic fluid to assist in turning the wheels left and right. The vehicle was taken to the deal hamilton Ford dealer located in clovis, new mexico, but the failure was unable to be duplicated. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure but stated that the vehicle was out of warranty. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. I ordered part number be8z3a525b from Ford and once I opened it, the joints felt the exact same way my current steering shaft feels. The car seems like it gets stuck in a lower gear and will not move out of it even as your foot is pressed all the way down. Points 1 and 2 mean your engine can squeeze out a couple extra MPGs 4. Bad things, that's what. The failure mileage was 50,000. statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fiesta. May I ask that you consider refunding to me the price I paid and you can then have this car back. They replaced the hydraulic control module and reprogrammed the computer, but the problem occurred again the next morning. Only had vehicle a month. I pressed the gas pedal to turn, but it wouldn't go. So I got my Fiesta ST about 6 months ago now, within the first week I noticed that the steering wheel always settles to the right instead of the center, on an extremely level road you cannot notice it as much but you can still tell there is an issue as the steering … Driving a car without power steering is totally possible, I'm sure your grandfather would tell you he did it for years. Sometimes it takes longer. Major class action law firms use this data when researching cases. "klarry, 2008 Ford Escape Owner from Ashby, MA. Ford's EPAS suffers from systemic defects that "render the system prone to sudden and premature failure during ordinary and foreseeable driving situations" and cause drivers of the cars to "experience significantly increased steering effort and, ultimately, loss of control.". Their focus is on safety-related issues. What's the first question a customer service representative asks you when you call with a tech problem --- have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? The manufacturer was notified of the failure. While my 17 year old daughter was driving her 2013 Ford Fiesta the power steering malfunctioned. We bought this car 8 months ago for our daughter, she has been a licensed driver since December 2015. The lawsuit was almost dropped( when the judge called it "unwieldy in scope and unduly burdensome." Car drove fine to location. In both cases stopping and re-starting the vehicle caused the power steering to function properly again. This only happens when I am driving the Fiesta for a while in a city setting so I have to start and stop quite a bit. The failure mileage was approximately 14,000. I have been told that the clutches, forks and sealant need replacing totaling $3700 in work. I know NOTHING about cars, however thought it might be power steering!! And that's expensive with the average repair cost around $1,500. But it's been a tough year for an EPAS lawsuit that claimed the system is defective. it has done 33k on the clock. power_steering_problems.jpg – By MG_54 – Licensed by Getty Images – Original Link. One widely accepted theory is that a defective torque sensor isn't giving the ECU the information it needs, and the power steering as a result gets disabled. There is a mechanical backup, so if the EPAS goes out you'll still be able to steer. The 2009 Ford Fiesta has 1 problems reported for lost power steering while driving. No help from Ford, even though I suggested a defaulted part was involved. See 1. We bought our 2012 Ford Fiesta about a 2 years ago. Replacing ignition switch on 2015 Ford Fiesta 23 Jan 2020 and was notified by the Ford service manager at fairway Ford in evans, GA, that the steering wheel locking system was not installed on vehicle. So naturally, Ford banished it to the curb and replaced it with something much more complicated. Sometimes I can turn the vehicle off and back on a half hour later and the problem just disappears. This is definitely a concern because you have no warning when it will happen. My sister bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta and has only put about 50000 miles on it. Feb 06, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV - Electrical System MY AIRBAG LIGHT … The vehicle was repaired. This problem has been reported by owners of the following generations. Have problems with steering mostly on the passenger side still continues. all problems of the 2014 Ford Fiesta . The contact owns a 2011 Ford Fiesta. Unassisted steering is very high effort and renders the car almost unusable. Fe. all problems of the 2012 Ford Fiesta . Plastic sticks out from the black back plastic that it touches. This will often lead to a warning saying "hill start assist not available" and, occasionally, the power steering will stop working. Turning a curvature on a mountain road steering locked and brakes failed car went over the mountain as a result passangers three were injured and one fatality. Whatever the reason, here's a handful of things you can do to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. The vehicle shuttered, make grinding sound and hesitated when starting up and driving. I was heading out in reverse the car felt slow when I pressed the gas it took a while to accelerate. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. I failed to negotiate the curve and veered off the road coming to a stop before having a collision with any trees. Tom has explained the software issues numerous times. This free video shows you how to fix minor power steering leaks on a 2003 Ford Fiesta TDCi 1.4L 4 Cyl. Tl- the contact owns a 2011 Ford Fiesta. If you are driving a 2012 Ford FIESTA, or if you are planning to purchase one, then it is important that you review reported Steering problems and defects. I have been driving it to work, but it still takes a while when I press the gas. Ford’s Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) Failures, Ford Generations Where This Problem Happens, More Information About The Affected Models,,, failures with the torque sensor inside the EPAS, steering gear bolts can corrode and break, electrical connection failure in their power steering systems, 1st Generation Focus Electric (2012–2016), They have variable power assist, giving more help at lower speeds (when you need it most) but are used less at higher speeds, Points 1 and 2 mean your engine can squeeze out a couple extra MPGs. The 2008 Escape (and it's sibling Mariner) were some of the first vehicles to feature Ford's pull-drift steering compensation; a part of an all-new EPAS system. The Contact Owns … Received case #cas-10397672. I have not driven car in months because it is a safety hazard. That information is sent to the ECU, but what happens when the information never gets sent? Reported to Ford motor 8/24/16. Had 2 blow outs on tires. Hydraulic systems have a multi-decade track record of successful steering with relatively easy maintenance. Power assist fails on startup with car stationary and in motion. Some Ford owners have said that shutting the car off and turning it back on sometimes fixes the issue, although it's only temporary: "As with numerous others here, steering froze without warning when driving. Luckily, the plaintiffs were given a chance to amend their complaints. This isn't covered on warranty. Parts distribution disconnect. 00. In March 2016, the same judge denied Ford's motion to dismiss the case. Vehicle had 17,782 miles. At approximately 6:30 am on October 2, 2017 I left for work. The contact stated that while backing the vehicle out of the garage, he heard a tic-tic noise coming from the front of the vehicle, without any warning indicator. The systems can, in theory, compensate for things like when the car pulls to one side or drifts. EPAS replaces a lot of the mechanical parts of previous steering assist systems (pumps, fluids, hosts, pulleys) and replaces them with tiny computers called ECUs and a whole bunch of code. Ford Fiesta ST » Forums » Fiesta ST 2005-09 » Mk6 Fiesta ST Technical Talk » Power steering problem Register User Forum List Calendar Active Topics Search FAQ I complained to the service person at the dealer about this but she claimed they couldn't touch that it's a safety issue; well I knew about the safety & I'm not asking to remove the lever just make it easier for me to use. The contact owns a 2011 Ford Fiesta. The systems can, in theory, compensate for things like when the car pulls to one side or drifts.However, it’s not a perfect trade. Have brought it in a few times and no one has even attempted to fix it. Parts of the power steering system were replaced. Belts that drive the power steering pump … Last night the steering suddenly started to feel heavy, and makes a whirring noise when turning at low speeds. The first 2 trips we were told that the problem could not be recreated and therefore could not be fixed. I have taken care of a few recalls and I have noticed a 5 mile drop in the mpg. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the US agency with the authority to conduct vehicle defect investigations & force recalls. Electrical System Problem on the 2016 FORD FIESTA. Randomly my steering wheel will get locked up when driving. I got scared and drove back home. They are lighter than hydraulic systems 2. I shut the car off and turned it back on and the problem persisted so I returned home driving approximately 15 mph. Average repair cost is $230 at 84,000 miles. If the pump fails, you will not have any power assist from the power steering … Power steering is one of those things you don't think about until it's gone. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. While driving at an unknown speed, the steering failed without warning. I have another vehicle same year, same model, and exactly the same situation is happening, these vehicles should be recalled immediately. One major concern about Ford's EPAS is that sometimes when it goes out, it does so without any warning. Turbo Diesel - if your steering wheel is difficult to turn, you may have a power steering fluid leak in your 2003 Ford Fiesta … Power steering alarm turned on. The vehicle was taken to the friendly kia dealer (877-544-6719, located at 5819 us-19, new port richey, FL 34652) where it was stated that the failure was due to humidity and did not do anything. The frank fletcher Ford 3015 turkey creek rd, joplin, mo 64801 (417) 317-5299 was contacted and informed the contact that they can not assist him. Maybe you're concerned you will soon. At every stop light, stop sign when starting up again, the same sounds, and hesitating would occur. Steering problems There are two commonly reported steering problems with the Ford Fiesta. Lucky the vehicle was not in any accidents. I asked if it was ok to drive the car they said yes, that I would feel it shudder, but that it was ok to go. The contact mentioned that he started to see smoke coming through the vents in the vehicle. Additionally, there has been a consistent clunking noise when I turn the wheel at low speeds. all problems of the 2015 Ford Fiesta . This problem has a few different signs that will help you diagnose it pretty quickly. Steering Problem on the 2015 FORD FIESTA. In 2006 the manufacturer had issues with a number of steering columns, which could lead to difficulties … Electric steering assist spontaneously fails while vehicle is in motion. Or dealer. While attempting to accelerate, the vehicle hesitated and failed to accelerate properly. They closed case, with no satisfaction from mfg. HowStuffWorks.com2 has a great breakdown if you're interested in more. Took vehicle in to the dealer who said I needed another clutch and transmission. Shutting off and re-starting the car seems to HAVE TEMPORARILY solved the problem.