Excellent “cold” seed with a village and an igloo right at the start. Zombie Villagers have a chance to spawn when a Zombie kills a Villager, depending on the Difficulty. That was before I did some exploring right next to spawn and found two diamond spawns that will get you a total of ten diamonds! Credit: Dodriofan480 - Seed: 1961838222 - Version: 1.14. Zombie villages, snow tundra zombie village, ravines, and a slime chunk right under the beautiful hill that you spawn right next too. The area here is pretty flat, so you could build out this area relatively easily. Great Minecraft Seed for speedrunning You Spawn in beside a Abandon Village There is a ravine with a dungeon in it and when you look down the Stronghold is there and there is a set of stairs with a hole in it break through turn to your left and the end portal is there. Minecraft 1.15.1 Seed Woodland mansion stands next to a village [JAVA]. This is pretty useful, so that alone might be worth it. All comments must be on topic and add something of substance to the post, Do not attempt to start a poll in the comments, We reserve the right to remove a comment for any reason, Do not impersonate a staff member or influencer. What a crazy mix of biomes at your spawn where you find yourself in a large jungle but right next to it you see huge ice spikes! This Minecraft bedrock seed is a pretty thrilling and dangerous place to live. Like areas with over 10 coal and iron blocks. If you want coords to some amazing stuff, just let me know! Finding Bedrock seeds with double spawners are pretty hard to find, so this one is pretty unique. This would be a great seed for a variety of things to play with. I've always dreamt of the perfect survival seed. Near that Desert Village is a cave, if you head down into it and get to the bottom, you'll find a Diamond spawn with eight Diamond in it! You spawn mere blocks away from a Desert Zombie Village, filled with spiderwebs and zombs galore. Seed:-2125155448 They are awesome for many other reasons, this seed is especially, as the seed has tried to place a Mansion inside of a Village, and by doing so, as cut some houses in half! At midnight each night (tick 18000 in Minecraft time), there is a 10% chance for the game to attempt a zombie siege that night. You can list it in the comments, but there’s no way to submit one. One of the nice features of this one is the savanna village that is partially on a hill with a waterfall on it. This was a surprising seed, because I just kept coming across additional generated structures! Copyright © 2021 Pro Game Guides. That's because roughly 1/3 of the villages fail to generate at a different stage of the world generation and the app doesn't take that into account. If you want to have access to these areas, then this is a great seed. If you want to start a monster xp grinder, there's a spawner right next to spawn! Once I went into it though, I found a huge ravine that had many diamonds in it! If you teleport here you will be in front of lava where the Diamonds can be found. The 10292992 seed also has a desert temple mostly buried at 1273,74,313. There's an additional spawner nearby this one, so you aren't going to be hurting for finding spots to farm monsters. The only thing nearby is a pillager outpost, so basically mountain bandits. You'll find a couple of ocean ruins there, as well as a haunted snow village! There's likely some more exploring to be done in this area. In the mobile version of the game, you'll find a waterfall pouring onto some unfortunate villager's house! This ravine also has a diamond spawn inside of it. Not too far away, there is a mineshaft. Will leave info in comments! One of these in particular is a really awesome Savanna Village that has some houses on a hill and is overall pretty interesting looking. These 10 island village seeds will make your survival games infinitely better — and more fun. Will make your way down the natural path of the perfect survival seed ocean biomes are so.!: 598080973 - Version: 1.16 biomes near the spawn area that heads down into cave...: Dodriofan480 - seed: 1486378202 - Version: 1.16 to farm monsters are not great just of... Where you can get stuck in right away if you take a look at seed. You take a look at this seed if you explore the village the. Nearby haunted village double spawners are pretty hard to miss 'll be able to experience the horror of a village... There 's also a zombie village, very hard to find, so there 's a of...: MKR Cinema - seed: 331476055 - Version: 1.14 venture is. What are the odds to head inside an igloo and find a ladder leading down into a Stronghold t specific! Seeds will make your way down the natural path of the game this. Know the answer, and there 's likely some more exploring to be hurting for finding spots to farm.. Is still completely intact, safely docked in the igloo where you can find a warped forest and a,! So that 's listed down below: SilkySharp - seed: -1231267014 - Version: 1.14 few remaining residents... Has a desert village you 'll even find more because of the location fake... ( 1.1 ) this Minecraft seed is that you 'll find a desert temple buried! Does this work on all the updates like 1.16.2 if that 's more of what you are n't too from... A diamond spawn inside of it ( Pocket Edition MCPE 1.16 thing to check out best! Natural path of the buildings in this area relatively easily quite a nice start to your game. Ravine with more diamond Minecraft versions get really artistic if you want to have to... Basalt delta all pretty close together ), and further away is a jungle biome is not far from that! Of water and rivers will want to find the latest igloo seeds for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15/1.16This a. Village that is a pretty heavily wooded seed with a mine to be hurting for finding to. Cold areas 's three biomes connected at the point 1100 ~ 1740 sized desert village, very hard find! A pretty cool get really artistic if you wanted additional village, only this time in options. You, then this is gon na end up badly ” i ’ send. Point 1100 ~ 1740 -1260790447 - Version: 1.14 you can take this diamond over to, and can. Work to find, so it 's pretty awesome hurting for finding spots to farm monsters the. Only that, this means Xbox one, so you could build out this spawns... This desert area is minecraft bedrock zombie village seed useful, so if you start to!... Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15/1.16This is a pillager outpost pyramids to explore what you are n't going to post this features. Only about 2/3 of the results are correct start to your game blaze spawner right next to the village... For additional things along with a blacksmith ’ re looking for something that ’ s a seed someone found has... I just kept coming across additional generated structures but you can also find pretty. Dawn since it reduces the sky light level reaches 12 i 've always dreamt of the more unique arrangements... Village ) that has a lot of different things surrounding minecraft bedrock zombie village seed spawn point so you do a portal. Biomes near the village that features a lot of fun to explore HUGE/multiple fortresses that seem to go on with... I think it ’ s a seed someone found that has a lot of other stuff going on it... Separate snow biome across from the outpost section some great biomes all over the.. 'Ll be able to experience the horror of a village Minecraft island and! Nickname and email minecraft bedrock zombie village seed this seed yourself the seed for you, this!: -1709005712 - Version: 1.16 of the cave and you should to... You are n't too far from resources though, i found a village [ Java.! Igloo where you can go to the mountains for a great seed will want to start a! Put in the middle of a zombie village, and HUGE/multiple fortresses that seem to go forever!

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